Work From No Home is an internet marketing training program by Peng Joon (and his project partner John Chow). With his course, Peng claims that he will teach the novice marketer how he or she can generate up to 12,000 a month with nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. Peng goes on to claim that it requires zero set up costs (actually low costs) and no prior technical knowledge as he teaches you along the way. His system works across a variety of networks like Clickbank and Paypal, and you can have everything set up in a couple hours. Basically, Work From No Home is about setting up sites based on trending or emerging topics, which is quite timely with back-to-school and the holidays coming up (tons of new products hitting the market)..

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What is inside The Work From No home Ebook

work from no home

It's like a new way to promote affiliate products and physical products, acting on products who are not yet arrived on market. For example the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and so on just to make a couple of examples.

The 35 lessons and the 30 Day Action Plan are in simple text, a bit too small for me. The bad factor is you cannot copy and paste it to get a bigger font size, and also the url are not clickable (that's what I call over-protection ahahah).

Probably someone is yet very aknowledged about that, but I find it interesting, because the course is very up-to-date on anything, including the new era of SEO, and how to build the perfect site to avoid problems.

If used correctly it will be a good technique, especially for internet marketing with future product launches and so on. It shows also exceptional ways to advertise free and coherently your website before the products exit on market.
I don't want to reveal too much, because this seller deserves a bit of success for what he done.

Probably someone will think about this course in a different way, but I will keep it and read it 'till the end to try to apply the methods, following the exceptional 30 days action plan.

Thanks and see you,

The Work From no Home Review

I bought it a few minutes ago, and seems a well organized course. Absolutely it's the most complex I've ever bought on Clickbank. And it was over 2 years I didn't bought nothing on that source.

As I said, just buying the core training, without the OTOs (who are 3 types with 3 downsells), give you a lot of information, sometimes new sometimes not. It's like every course you buy around.

There are 35 lessons and 30 Day Action Plan to follow on daily basis with the right things to do. Also if I'm on IM by around 4 years, and I see everything, this man is well trained.

I will try to go forward, to let you know more and more.

See you soon,

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